About Us

PT. Jerindo Jaya Abadi is a distributor which has speciality on distributing high quality foods and beverages. It is produced with high grade ingredients and enrolling national product standard so our product is very safe to be consumed.

We have branches in Surabaya, Malang, Bojonegoro, Probolinggo (East Java area) and our consumer scopes are hotel,restaurant,cafe and retailers. 

We always maintain our product quality like accentuating its higienity in our products that we distribute, because we have main goal, become a professional and prominent foods and beverages distributor. We always increase our productivity and work system to rich our consumer’s satisfaction.

Keep visiting our website to know any further information about our product.

Company History

2002 ⇒ Jerindo Jaya Abadi was built with the name UD. Jerindo Jaya Abadi

2005 ⇒ Jerindo Jaya Abadi change its name become CV. Jerindo Jaya Abadi

2010 ⇒ Jerindo Jaya Abadi become a Perusahaan Terbatas (PT) Jerindo Jaya Abadi

Our Standard Business Model

  • Become a company who distribute high quality product and focusing on HORECA business and retail modern trade for East Java area.

Our Mission

  • Increasing work quality
  • Implementing good system
  • Adding some facilities which have inportant role in increasing work quality


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